By keeping alive the memory of the fallen American soldiers, we aim to encourage visitors to reflect on the offers made for peace and freedom, and thereby encourage them to contribute to a more tolerant and respectful society.

To realize its mission, the Margraten Memorial Center wishes to work closely together with the American Cemetery in Margraten on the following:

•    telling the personal stories of the soldiers buried in Margraten, within the context of World War II, in a manner which appeals to young and old alike;
•    establishing a permanent exhibition which provides various additional levels and layers of information related to these stories, in line with the needs of the visitor;
•    regularly organizing or acquiring temporary exhibitions on related themes;

•    working with various partners to organize lectures, seminars, workshops, musical performances etc. on topics which are related to our mission;
•    creating a quiet space where visitors can cope with and absorb their own experiences verbally or in writing or via reflection and meditation;
•   strengthening ties with the organization for the adoption of graves;
•    maintaining and strengthening the ties with the surrounding region and the neighboring cross-border area.