Virtual Memorial Center

Since the Memorial Center can not be realized, we are working on a Virtual Memorial Center in the form of a database that will collect all available information concerning the soldiers buried in Margraten in a uniform way. This applies to both editorial stories and data, as well as documents and both moving and static visual material. The database will have a layered structure and will be accessible via a user-friendly website. Finally, the Virtual Memorial Center will offer visitors the opportunity to leave behind a personal consideration, wish or thought on an interactive online memorial.

Content for this Virtual Memorial Center will be taken from various parallel activities around the cemetery such as The Foundation for Adopting Graves at the American Cemetery in Margraten, the Fields of Margraten project, The American WWII Orphans Network (AWON) and numerous private collectors.

The Virtual Memorial Center will be an effective orientation and preparation for an actual visit to the existing military cemetery and the future Memorial Center at Margraten.